July 31, 2006


pear season they say

does not begin til august

but how could i wait



11 Responses to “Pear”

  1. sandy Says:

    This is great, both the haiku and the photo. Was the pear good?

  2. sandy Says:

    Hi, I don’t want to bug you incase you are not interested, but your haiku and art are the best this week. If you want to join the group all you have to do is send your permalink to this address.

  3. elskermeg Says:

    thanks sandy, i did it!

  4. susanlavonne Says:

    Well now that I see your banner, photo and poem, I am DOUBLY glad you have joined ODB!
    Wonderful haiku…this is going to be one dangerous site to visit…but be assured I will be back often (and stay far, far from the kitchen when I do).

  5. jennifer Says:

    oh how gorgeous, off to look at a bit more… welcome to ODB!

  6. sandy Says:


    And reading back, I realize that I wrote something unkind, that I didn’t mean the way it came out– I just wanted the others to see your wonderful work.

    Sorry, to anyone that I may have offended.

  7. Pearl Says:

    🙂 Love the mood of it.

  8. mikim Says:

    Oh, this is beautiful! Pears are my favourite fruit, I think they are simply devine. Excellent job!

  9. elskermeg Says:

    Thanks everyone 🙂 Sandy, don’t worry about your comment, I don’t think anyone would think of it as unkind. Thanks for pointing the way to one deep breath, it’s a great group!

  10. I love pears too – my parents used to have a pear tree in their garden. Wonderful fruit.

  11. Lovely haiku and photo! Thanks for sharing!

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