July 7, 2006

Success!, originally uploaded by elskermeg.

Well it took about 24 hours but I’ve finally done it. I made a loaf of sourdough that rivals what I could get at a bakery. The crust was golden and the perfect combination of crispy and chewy. The crumb was moist and full of holes to soak up the butter. The flavor was as good as any I’ve ever had.

It did burn a little on the bottom but that’s something that is easy to fix next tme around. The important thing is that I was finally able to combine all of the lessons I have learned from my previous attempts (along with tips from several baking books that I’ve been reading lately) and produce something that I was beginning to think was impossible from my home oven. And the best part is that I did it without destroying or shattering anything!

3 Responses to “Success!”

  1. sandy Says:

    It does look great. The crust is just right. Did you use water in the oven this time? I have been doing that, without a problem, but then, my oven doesn’t have a window!
    I made the oatmeal bread from th King Arthur book yesterday, with steel cuts oats. It was okay, but not gorgeous like your sourdough.

  2. elskermeg Says:

    Thanks! Yes, I used water again but this time I draped a towel over the oven glass for safety. Also, I put the pan for the hot water in the top of the oven rather than the bottom and it made it much easier to pour the water in. It seemed to work just as well. I also spray the inside of the oven with water a few times during the first 5 minutes of baking.

  3. […] had to throw the dough out but I’m determined to keep trying until I can reproduce the last good loaves I baked. Posted by Nicole Filed in […]

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