To the Beach!

June 24, 2006

Almost there!, originally uploaded by elskermeg.

Today we went to Dustin’s house for a barbeque and trip to the beach. It was fun with lots of good food! His girlfriend Elisa’s mom made Lumpia (it was sooo good!) and fried rice and we also had pasta, hamburgers, bratwurst, coleslaw, green salad, and I can’t even remember what else. For dessert there were sicilian pastries and ice cream.

Elisa brought some friends that don’t speak a lot of English (although I’m pretty sure her friends speak more English than I speak Italian!) so Elisa orchestrated a game that allowed them to practice English while we practiced Italian. It had to do with picking a letter of the alphabet and then having to come up with Italian and English words that start with that letter. The categories were: Names, Things, Places, Animals and Professions. We had to come up with one word for each category whenever a new letter was chosen. It was actually pretty hard! We played in two teams — Italians vs. Americans. Elisa was the moderator because she is fluent in both languages. I think it was a tie when we stopped to eat.

After eating we all walked the two blocks to the beach and set up our umbrellas (it was HOT today). The water was perfect and we didn’t run across too many jellyfish. Justin was the only one who got stung…again. I told him not to swim out to the blue water but of course he didn’t listen. Everytime we go to Dustin’s house, I wish we had chosen a house by the beach instead of on the mountain! It’s so nice to be within walking distance of the water.


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