L’isola Bella

June 18, 2006

Isola bella!! La Sicilia e troppo forte!!!, originally uploaded by Corito.

We went to the beach yesterday but forgot the camera! Thanks to Flickr, I was able to find someone else’s Photo of the same beach (thanks Corito!). I like to go to the beach on the left side of this photo. The island is called “L’isola Bella.” Last year I went with Betsi and Dustin and the swimming was wonderful! It is a pebble beach so there is no sand to deal with although it is a little hard on the feet! I had been looking forward to returning to this beach with my mask and snorkel so that’s what we finally did yesterday. We also spent the money to have beach chairs and an umbrella which made it much nicer than laying directly on the rocks.

When we got there we noticed that there weren’t many people in the water but we figured that it was still a little cold since it’s only June. Unfortunately, there was a different reason why people were staying out of the water. When we went to get in, I noticed a few jellyfish right away. Then as I looked closer, I realized they were EVERYWHERE! Thousands of jellyfish have taken over the cove. In some areas, they are so thick that the water looks purple from the color of the jellyfish. I’ve never seen anything like it! So much for snorkeling at l’isola bella this year! We stayed for a few hours anyway to get some sun and do some reading. It’s still a beautiful place to relax even if you can’t swim.


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